About Ambicare

Ambicare Health Ltd has developed a portfolio of wearable light sources for medical and consumer healthcare applications.

The concept underpinning all of Ambicare’s technology has been to replicate the science of light therapies already clinically proven and practiced in central medical facilities, but to deliver them in a highly convenient form for use in community medicine or home settings, through use of convenient, wearable LED treatment heads and a rechargeable treatment controller.

In the treatment of acne, blue light alone is the treatment mechanism (Lustre Pure Light); in the case of non-melanoma skin cancer (and related conditions), red light is used in conjunction with proprietary topical pharmaceutical actives – a treatment described as Photo Dynamic Therapy (Ambulight PDT).

Ambicare’s patented platform technology allows the user to ‘wear’ the light delivery device, powered by a rechargeable controller, in daily use, enabling the treatment to be delivered in safe and gentle doses, avoiding the necessity of being ‘tied’ to a static light source in a physician’s surgery or hospital environment. This key point of difference not only enhances user convenience but also delivers improved end results through consistency of the light delivery to the skin.

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