Our Technology

Ambicare’s patented ambulatory lighting products offer solutions incorporating OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) and LED (Light Emitting Diode) technologies. The products offer innovative battery operated flexible packaged solutions with high light uniformity.

Ambicare focused initially on the Non Melanoma Skin Cancer market as Ambulight PDT™ offers a highly effective and uniquely convenient, flexible and low cost form of therapy for a disease that is growing rapidly and in some cases can develop into malignant melanoma with life threatening implications.

Ambicare developed its second product, Lustre Pure Light™, similarly configured as an ambulatory device, to provide low energy blue LED treatment, which is pain free, for the treatment of acne.   It is now widely accepted that certain wavelengths within ‘blue light’, which can be discharged by LEDs, are very effective in killing the bacteria lodged underneath the skin surface that cause acne.

The Ambulight PDT™ system delivers a controlled dosage of Red light through its self adhesive LED treatment heads, safely and comfortably, to the area of the cancerous lesion in the presence of a pre-applied light activated pharmaceutical. It does so in the patient’s home, avoiding the need for time-consuming treatments with expensive (laser) devices in the clinician’s office. Because the light is delivered gently over a period of hours at very low levels of energy, the treatment is less painful for users than current PDT treatment and there is no subsequent inflammation or scarring. It works – economically – and clinical evidence proves fully equivalent to traditional clinic based high intensity light room treatment.

The Lustre Pure Light™ acne system is based on many of the same principles. The technology consists of a small, rechargeable controller with slim, flexible therapy heads, which target problem areas. It is the only portable blue-light treatment preferred and endorsed by the UK’s leading professional acne clinics.  The user adheres the LED treatment heads to the skin with a proprietary double sided adhesive strip and goes about his/her normal activities, while a controlled dose of blue light is delivered comfortably and safely without the need to sit in front of a tabletop device or hold a hand-held device to the skin. Extensive experience with participating dermatologists who tested the product, confirms that this ‘easy to use’ feature substantially improves patient compliance and consistency of light dose versus other home use light systems and, as a result, delivers more effective treatment.