Ambicare announces partnership agreements and CE Marks

Ambicare Health is pleased to announce that it has completed three important partnership agreements to support the commercialisation of its business. An OEM Manufacturing Agreement has been signed with Solid Semecs BV. Semecs will assemble and package both the Lustre Pure Light and Ambulight PDT Multi products under contract at its facilities in Slovakia. Semecs is a privately owned company specialising in electronics.
Secondly, Ambicare has completed marketing and distribution agreements with Bo Pharma (territories to cover Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg for both products) and Spirit Healthcare (for Ambulight PDT Multi in the UK). Both companies are privately owned and have specific expertise in the areas of focus for our products.
Ambicare is also pleased to announce that it has received CE Marks for Lustre Pure Light and Ambulight PDT Multi.
Commenting, Paul Donnelly, CEO, said “These are key steps in the growth of our business. We are delighted to have put these important partnerships in place with companies who are very well suited to working with us and who are aligned with customer needs. The achievement of the CE Marks is a major milestone for the company and enables our commercialisation process to commence.”